Our first plugin is called 2MB Autocode, and allows you to place html, php, or preformatted text at the top or bottom of posts. You can also deactivate the top and/or bottom text on a per-post basis.

This plugin is totally free, and is available in the wordpress repository. You can find it by either 1. adding it directly through your wordpress blog and searching for autocode, or 2. clicking on the repository link, and downloading it.

As always, reviews, donations, critical comments, downloads, stress tests, and anything else is much welcome. Feel free to contact us, or post on this blog. If you have trouble, either contact us or post on the support forum and we will get to your request as soon as possible.

In addition, if you are interested in beta testing for 2MB Solutions now or in the future, we are interested in having you. Many hours of work goes into each plugin we make, and having them be as bug-free as possible means alot to us. Please contact us from the contact page to arrange beta testing.

As always, enjoy, and happy blogging.

-Michael, Billy, and the 2MB team.

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