2MB Announces Mine Racer!

2MB is proud to announce the release of its newest audiogame, Mine Racer! See the announcement below, and get a demo or purchase a full copy today!


Available for immediate download:
2MB proudly presents MineRacer!
Survive for as long as possible in this action packed thrilling game of skill.
Collect as many coins as you can, for every 100 you get, your points double. You can get bragging rights for 2 scoreboards.
Will you be number one for surviving the longest or for scoring the most points, or will you own the number 1 position in both?
Learn more on the Mine Racer page.


Happy gaming!

-Michael, Billy, and 2MB.


horseshoes released!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Ok, maybe not, as we never told you about it, but still! In any case, 2MB is proud to announce the first release of their first audiogame, horseshoes! This audiogame is simple, but can be pretty fun. We encourage you to go check out the page, and please, tell us what you think! And most of all, have fun!

-Michael and Billy.


Autocode Version 1.2 released!

And once again the 2MB wizards come forth from their halls to bless the land… ok, not really. But really, we just released 2MB Autocode version 1.2! This brings a few bug fixes, along with what I’m sure you all will enjoy… Text placement overrides in the post editor itself! No more having to fool around with those special tags (although you can if you want to, but do note that if you do, the post settings, when set to anything except do nothing, will override those tags).


-Michael, Billy, and 2MB.